Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kenya 2012

After more than 2 years in North America, I was again able to experience Kenya - its people, smells, food, soil, views, traffic, bustle, language. And it felt great to be back in Africa!

2 weeks were spent with a group of American volunteers at RITT (Reformed Institute of Theological Training) near Eldoret.  In addition to learning from staff and students about their unique program (combining agriculture techniques with pastoral training to create rural spiritual leaders who are also responsible and profitable farmers in their communities), we were able to contribute to that program by assembling and introducing donated machinery (no-till planters to be used for more eco-friendly maize and bean production, and a milk cooler which will add value to the large quantities of milk produced by farmers in the surrounding area).  Also, a couple of us taught a class on deep soil preparation and good composting techniques, two things that can increase yields in an environmentally sustainable manner.

A couple days in Thika with Samuel Nderitu, director of G-Biack, connected my Kenyan past with my Californian present (Samuel teaches GROW BIOINTENSIVE, the method of sustainable mini-farming that I'm learning through my current internship).  A very impressive operation, I encourage a glance at the website above!

My first and last week were spent with the family and broader community near Kilgoris.  And long-time buddy and adventure travel partner Jared Worley came from his current residency in Rwanda for the last week.  So good to share...

Grandma is over 100 years old now (we think)
Mama wanted to dress up for a photo
Oloikishon, a neighbor and elder in the bush, always smiling

Mountain-top Football

Market in Kigoris

And a flashback to 4 years ago: Using generous donations from good Denver folk, including many from the 1st CRC community, 2 classrooms were built on the mountain to meet a growing need for better learning facilities.  The classrooms are in good shape and are being used now by the 7th and 8th grade classes.  Thanks again to those who contributed!  The Maasai are grateful for your lasting gift!

Lots more photos can be viewed HERE

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